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"When I asked Kim to help with breastfeeding I was pretty much at my wits end. I came in contact with Kim through a motherhood matters group and am so thankful for it! My second child was having major latch issues and I was trying everything I knew to get her to latch well but no luck. I called Kim up and she came to my home and looked at all the possible things that could have been going on. As soon as she got to my home I felt relieved. She was there for me as I cried and laughed at my crying. She helped me find comfort even when I was in so much pain. Her energy is just so light and so cheerful. I was still having issues with breastfeeding so I met with Kim a few times and she recommended I see a lip and tongue specialist to see if my daughter had a lip/tongue tie, sure enough she had both. She talked me through what I was going to feel when I was at the doctors while my little 1 week old was getting her lip and tongue released it was difficult to go through but afterwards I met with Kim and she showed me how to care for my daughter and showed me different way to be comfortable while breastfeeding. Kim has been such an encouraging woman to me as I continue on in this journey with my daughter, I know if I didn't have Kim I wouldn't be breastfeeding my little Evelyn now. So if you are thinking of giving up don’t! Contact Kimberly! She's caring, funny and knows what she's talking about!"
Stephanie K
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