Solutions for Mom

Loneliness, deep sadness, nagging anxiety, irritability, and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed can be very present, limiting emotions that affect our ability to function at our best and, at times, function at all. More times these emotions sow their seeds while we are preoccupied as mothers and seem to appear out of nowhere as full grown weeds choking the life and joy out of our days and our relationships.

Together we can attack the source of these feelings, identify where they are limiting your ability to mother, and develop real time solutions. 

Our appointments are not meant to substitute medical treatment and therapy for postpartum depression and  anxiety but rather compliment your existing care plan with healthy goal setting and fresh coping techniques. 

We will cover your current moods and triggers, how they are impacting your daily life and relationships, and how you are caring for yourself. We will set immediate solutions strategies that would be most suitable for your life and family. I will also refer you for any additional help that I feel you may need.

$55 per session; $200 for a series of 4 sessions