Lactation Consultations $125

My goal is to help cultivate healthy, joyful breastfeeding relationships.

As an IBCLC, my expertise is in the clinical management of all aspects of breastfeeding. This includes helping you find comfortable latching positions that reduce and eliminate pain while maximizing your capacity to relax and enjoy nursing. I can also assist you in navigating any challenging situations involving milk supply, premature babies, oral ties, medical complications, and low weight gain. Conditions concerning mastitis, thrush, plugged ducts, as well as breast and nipple injury, are treated with utmost urgency and diligence.

With your consent, I will physically examine and observe you and your baby before feeding and throughout the course of one or several endeavors at the breast. As your appointment progresses I will take note of any relevant history and I will work to address your concerns, offer solutions, and to customize a plan that would best meet your individual needs. When necessary, I refer clients to additional providers for any supplementary help that is needed.

When necessary, I refer clients to additional providers for any supplementary help that is needed.

All lactation clients are welcome to complementary phone support for up to 2 weeks and to schedule follow up appointments as needed. I am happy to provide you with a receipt for paid services, upon request, to submit for potential insurance reimbursement or have it covered through your Flex spending account. Please plan about 90-120 minutes for your appointment.

Birth Doula Services $1,500

Labor and Delivery Doula

As a doula, my proficiency is in providing customized, individual support that embraces exceptional information and insight and abundant emotional support, followed by continuous attentive comfort care throughout your entire labor and delivery. Birth can be fun, exciting, happy, relaxing, peaceful, serene, spiritual, or anything else you desire.

Dream big, friend! Dream big!

All of my doula clients receive the following:

·        Two prenatal counseling sessions including pregnancy education and birth planning

·        One 3rd trimester, in-home, support meeting

·        Option of my attending you to an OB/MW appointment

·        Access to my extensive library of pregnancy, birth, and parenting books

·        Ample text, video messaging, and phone support throughout your entire pregnancy

·        Personalized, comprehensive birth plan, printed and provided to your birth care team

·        Uninterrupted, attentive labor and delivery comfort care

·        2 hours of post-delivery recovery care and lactation assistance

·        One post-partum in-home, mother-infant care visit

·        Ample text, video messaging, and phone support throughout your “4th trimester”

·        Automatic admission to my lactation practice, if desired

·        Automatic admission to any Arrow and Root family solutions services

I am currently accepting most clients based on a direct, personal referral from their friend, family member, or provider but I am happy to meet new families to see if we are a good fit.

For more information or to request your due date or please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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